Do you have any recommendations for fics where either Eddie or Richie is a dad? by MyLungsHaveGoodIntentions(3/? IT | Fanfiction Horror Pennywise Reddie Richard Tozier, a member of the Loser's Club. Get a girlfriend and pretend Im attracted to her even in the slightest?, Hands Meant To Be Held by whatafuckinloser(3/3 | 1887 | mature). Hello! Richie called out. Can he deny the chemistry thats brewing between them? I know I literally just made a post about this but I wanted to say again, I promise I havent forgotten about this blog! It got Richie, Eddie blurts out. Reddie The material was soft and breathable, and not one piece of the clothing had a hole in it. Alma. R-R-Rich-. Richie had no qualms about staying in New York. Richie decides to talk to him. "Richie? Just a short fluff-piece set after the final scene of the movie. Im here. He didnt even have to ask about what his mother said or did. Rich? The older boy heard from beside him. Depression5. It's going shit, but then messy-haired, dork-glassed Richie Tozier climbs out from whatever fuckin' sewer he came from and like any self respecting (and gay) citizen, he falls in love. "Who the fuck are you calling a pussy, you little bitch? He didnt know if he was inside or outside, if it was midday or midnight, or even how he got to where he was. Hopefully, hed be a good guy. I can promise you that, Stan, because weve seen it happen, Richie pleaded, knowing it would get through to him. Immediately, Richie grabbed the inhaler from his drawer and brought it to Eddies lips, waiting until he took it into his mouth before pushing the trigger. The Upward Turn6. there is a crack right through my heart by sweetkisses. For more information, please see our Richie In The Bathroom At A Party by TheFlirtMeister(1/1 | 1068 | teen). Stans dad may be strict, but he was loving, and his mom adored the boy. | 12089 | mature). . One where you are unable to lie to your soulmate, but that doesnt start until you know who your soulmate is. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. he shifted from lingering his hand above richies soft thigh, to richies burning forehead, hair sticking to his pasty skin from the sweat.he was sick? eddie had said, just above a whisper. That guy just so happens to be Eddie Kaspbrak. Mike, the quarterback with the heart of gold, Ben, the linebacker with good grades, Bev, the amateur designer, Stan, with the bird book, Bill, the artist and Richie. There we go, my love. And as suddenly as he had flown up, Richie saw him coming back down at twice the speed. And then we would be living in a rom-com, Richie joked. Eddie finally convinced his mother to let him attend public school at Derry High School with Bill, but things dont seem to be changing for the better. For the past four months, the most popular ship on Tumblr has been two guys from Stephen King 's It. Doubling Down by tinylilremus(1/1 | 1652 | teen). Or, Eddie Kaspbrak is a bright-eyed and bushy tailed math teacher who meets Richie Tozier on the High School mathletes circuit. No. they would just be jealous of us by drippingcandle, neither of us take french, and wait- were you smoking in here?. When Eddies son is cast on a popular science show, Richie Toziers Lab Rats Eddie is thrilled. This town will eat him alive like it did to us and he will not come out the other side. Eddie; well, now I feel bad There are two things Richie Tozier reckons he knows for sure: 1- He's gay and in love with his best friend. This took them all way too long to figure out. "Hey, fuckface, I heard you were flirting with my girlfriend." The girl merely rolled her eyes. Next to him on the bed was Pennywise, though his clown costume had been swapped for One Richies jumpers? Beverly never moved away. Bev, Eddie, Richie, Ben, Bill, Stan, and Mike. It's like" Stanley's eyes dart over to his wristwatch, making Eddie's brows furrow. the minds a funny fruit by joldiego(3/5 | 15067 | teen). Prince Tozier doesn't want to marry any girl he has his eye's on the gardener boy. bc im a sucker for sick fics, 'Eddie frowns behind the scarf, unable to pick an emotion to feel out of the jumbled mess that are all demanding his attention at once, as he looks across at Richie, whose nose and cheeks are a blotchy, flushed red. Richie hogs the hammock because its the best place to read comics.Eddie hogs the hammock because its the cleanest spot in the clubhouse. Something drew Richie in. For this reason, Richie and Eddie had moved in together after high school. Ive had a lot of trouble finding it since and was hoping you could help. Which means Eddie gets to say the big speech. Drindalis. Hope everyone enjoys my work and feel free totell me what you think, Id love some feed back. I was just think about how hard your mom clenched down when she", "NOPE! Eddie cant handle his own feelings. Richie meets Eddie during their junior year homecoming dance in an awkward predicament, and the two somehow manage to become close. ALways has and always will be. Eddie is a power bottom and Richie is submissive. He reached out and grabbed his glasses off the bedside table, then slid them up the bridge of his nose. im looking for fics with nightmares, could ya help me out? -completed. Richie stood near his old high school, observing the students and the old rotting bricks. And even less so for it to follow them to Hawkins. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Hi guys! Richie; you're kidding me, come on smalls. He didnt need to, he just knew. Richie hates being sick. so basically this is a normal ol' texting fic; lowercase is indeed intended. Red V. I see what you were getting at-. Remind yourself to keep fighting just like a soldier would.. Richie stood up and let the steam settle in for a minute and then turned of the water. Yes, I do. First Day of My Life by areyoureddiespaghetti(3/? thank u ! Richie's abusive excuses of parents went a little bit too far this time but somehow it changed the depressed boy's life for the better. might be aged up depending what im writing 2, Richie Tozier and Mike Wheeler Are Cousins. Prompt- Richie comes down with a pretty bad cold that quickly affects his vocal cords. So much pain and unhappiness in his life could be traced back to it. Eds are you in here? The light was off but Richie could make out a silhouette on the bed and he let out a breath. and it's about eddie recovering on his own?? -"Eds, whatcha doing here? Spots where MacCready had picked off splinters. A nice house in Greenwich Village. His eyes seemed trained on a girl in the front, she had her headphones in and dark hair in a bun. -They tell each other everything. will be no sm college au- Richie gets into fights almost every 2 weeks, and never gets blamed for the fights. Eddie come contains: reddie, suicidal thoughts, sh, alcohol usage, f slurs, profanity. texting fic. Throw in a few meltdowns, a bit of pining, and you'll get the tale of Spaghetti Boy and Trashman, forever and always Amen. The summer before the Losers Club's senior year, Richie receives an invite from his Aunt Karen in Hawkins to bring his friends to stay before they all graduate and go their separate ways. Richies the one who sees the Deadlights in chapter one. Please consider turning it on! And I was serious about him not belonging here. You came! Bev beamed, already running to greet him with open arms. His name was Eddie K. He didnt count on his fingers, not even under the desk. Richie gets into fights almost every 2 weeks, and never gets blamed for the fights. Hopefully he wouldnt be as annoying as his lateness made him seem. You. One particular night, Richie sees an unfamiliar face in the crowd that strikes a little deja vu in him. Eddie, although being a germophobe, is there to make it a little better. That one was all on Bev. He kicked his shoes off and headed towards the living room, hoping to find Eddie as he was always home before Richie on a Friday. All he can do is stare. You can think of it as an early birthday present.". My favorite Reddie fanfiction is "and they read off our names" by liquidsky. true belonging by hanjt(1/1 | 2125 | general). The Losers enjoy their day out of classes, yet Eddie doesnt seem happy. I don't own or claim this story or any of the characters in it. Suddenly Ben, Mike present day. He had been private and quiet and withdrawn; he had gotten everything done and he did it well. He was 15 minutes late at this point and Eddie was annoyed. come over?" Any of you assholes interested in going on vacation with me?. Eddie is, by all means, a popular vlogger. Eddie's eyes narrow and he drops his comic book on his lap. Her breath hitched at the thought, but the air in the room had vanished, and there wasnt enough of it left to fill her lungs again. until he finds a small boy drunk out of his mind. Work Search: Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Title basically says it all, but after the losers defeat Pennywise, Richie has a nightmare. Please enjoy it as much as she did! Youre not there anymore, youre here. Blood is mentioned, so is a dead animal, and also Eddie being dead. Whenever he tries to speak, he winces in pain or has a coughing fit. For context, Margo grew up in a fallout shelter (yes, this is for the Fallout fandom) and was essentially a test subject up until she was 18. He goes to a therapist, but it doesn't really help. Eddie asks Richie why he moved and it only takes Eddie a moment to pick up on Richies stuffy talk and raspy voice to figure out why. Richie- trxshmouth tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con, Underage, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (170), Over the Garden Wall (Cartoon & Comics) (3), Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier-centric (433), Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Ben Hanscom & Richie Tozier Are Best Friends, sorry i posted so late jashbcnsncjsjcjsjdhf, I have no qualms letting you know Stanley is alive, It's Not a Fix-It if Stanley Uris is Dead, i never beta for this fic so just accept what is there, I raw dog this fic into ao3 like richie raw dogs eddie in each chapter, Bill Denbrough & Eddie Kaspbrak & Richie Tozier & Stanley Uris, Mike Hanlon & Ben Hanscom & Eddie Kaspbrak & Richie Tozier, Everyone Ships Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak & Stanley Uris Are Best Friends, Eddie Kaspbrak & Richie Tozier Being Idiots, Eddie Kaspbrak & Richie Tozier First Meet, Richie Tozier Has a Crush on Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie Tozier secretly loves Bird Watching too, Richie Tozier & Stanley Uris Are Best Friends. Omnia Vincit Amor by LittleTurtle95(7/7 | 36534 | teen). Since I enjoyed writing Eddie, the Patient so much, I decided to write a Richie, the Patient. He's 20 and she's 17, but not for long. Richie Tozier was the last person they expected to be having a panic attack and yethere they were. "why are you here?" i'm looking for a fic, the summary went something like "a man wakes up in derry. Rose Thorns (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9), every day someone on this app says joel took away ellies agency and every day i wanna scream about it WE SHOULDNT ACTUALLY, IN FACT, LET TRAUMATISED FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRLS SACRIFICE THEMSELVES WHEN THE REASON THEYRE SO READY TO DIE IS INTRINSICALLY LINKED TO THAT TRAUMA! Heat flooded my cheeks and I turned my face away, but Richie stopped me, cupping my cheek in his trembling hand. So there they sat that night, tears streaming down Richies face, and Eddie cradling him like a baby and kissing his head and whispering anything that came to mind into Richies ear. most of my favorite fics are listed on this post, and most of them are quite long (: -madi, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head by Lil_Lizard_Leah(1/1 | 1652 | teen). His best friend, Eddie Kaspbrak, helps him through the bullying. Cookie Notice Arent we? Eddie asked. Trick or Treat by Spazatron(1/1 | 1178 | general), I dunno, just a Halloween reddie oneshot where they take their kids trick or treating, Richies a grumpy little bitch for like a second, they have fun tho so, A Little Trust by poexdameron(1/1 | 3229 | mature), Eddies mind is racing, mostly with worry, so Richie is the first to respond. never will i ever (live this down) by bitchy_richie(1/1 | 1481 | mature), the losers go to a party and eddie is left feeling anxious ans embarassed, but richie always swoops to save his lil darling whats new, First-Aid by Drindalis(1/1 | 2337 | teen). if you be my star, ill be your sky; you can hide underneath me and come out at night by filaceous. Eddie wakes up to fine Richies side of the bed empty. Hey! This tie is written o " , ' . Too bad Ive been getting your moms red V- Richie yelps as Eddie steps on his toe. done with excuses by haka0011(1/1 | 1239 | general). Putting his cup down, Bill leaned forward and rest his elbows on the small table between them. A supportive community for writers, readers, and reccers to talk about and share FanFiction. At least he has Eddie to keep him company. can i get the losers club not knowing their dating and one day eddie gives richie like 277336 hickeys and they see them and are like wtf happened richie?! One of the many nights of Eddie Kaspbrak-Tozier and his husband's married life, and an exploration of Richie's tendency to sleep-talk. The Losers go on a weekend away or: the one where Richie and Eddie share a bed for a few nights. They had. Over on Tumblr, Richie and Eddie from 'It' are more popular than Marvel or Star Wars. . When Eddie Kaspbraks mother gets remarried, she sends him off to Catholic boarding school. Too close. I Thought You Knew by Brittle_Bone_Gabe(1/1 | 2620 | teen). Dont Go Gentle by alwaysalosver (kwhyloren)(4/? ", Stanley finally seems to be struck from his Patty induced state of bliss and raises a brow at the guy, who's still listing off all the ways Eddie'smom could. Richie was a boy who chased after things he wanted, Chased after whatever he thought he needed and he did it with a big smile and sharp teeth. Welcome to the Reddie Fic Library! November 7, 2014: The first time Hailey and Justin are seen one on one, they're leaving a birthday party for Lentz. A Kitten Almost Killed Richie Tozier byTheWeirdOneL. Richie accidentally sends Eddie a shirtless picture. Just a cute fanfiction about Eddie and Richie and all the fluff to go with it because I can . It was just a normal drive home from school in Richies truck. I never thought itd take off how it has, with as many followers as it already has, its insane! Or, Richie is falling apart and Bill does what he can to support him. Whenever Eddie entered a panic attack like this, this was what they would do. Enjoy beeches Richie faintly remembers what happened within the summer of IT but he does remember the losers. Ill always be right behind you!. Richie would lay behind Eddie and pull him to his chest, the inhaler within arms reach. Ignoring his churning stomach, Richie goes onstage for his latest performance anyway. Didnt you hear me, Trashmouth? He wasnt all that sure why that was he had shown absolutely no interest in Richie whatsoever, almost actively avoiding him. Hes still looking a little pinchy and a little stressed, but he fits right in with the rest of the pinchy, stressed group of them. I have only wrote Reddie fiction but I am open to (almost) all ships. Eddie always ALWAYS tells Richie to dress up, and Richie dismisses him every time. Youre okay. His chest felt tight and his head was spinning as he held his hands out in front of him and attempted to find his way around wherever the hell he was. | 1226 | not rated). Richie stood near his old high school, observing the students and the old rotting bricks. Basically instead of Bill getting grabbed by Pennywise during the final fight Richie does. " !" With their friend group called The Losers Club. Richie said as he cursed himself for singing so loud and crying. Well, thanks, for sticking up for me. Eddies also not sure if he means that, but it feels like something he should say. So like maybe they also get matching tattoos that dont appear until the two soulmates share a significant experience (like facing pennywise). Im sorry this took so long, Ive been so slack!! White walls specifically. Memento Mori, or something like that- Eddie just wishes the noises next door would stop reminding every damn day of the risk of a conniption fit followed by his brain short circuiting on him. Amortentia is encountered in Potions class and everything goes to shit. The Institute held all the power, and she knew shed die in the institute - if not by their hands, then possibly by her own, and she still couldnt breathe, and -. It doesnt matter how much pills Eddie Kaspbrak must buy, or how long his curfew is before his mother puts up missing child posters. Eddie begs for him to talk about what is bothering him. The gang plays Truth or Dare, and Richie causes Eddie to have a mini heart attack. He spun back around to where the wall hed reached previously was, however now it was just a never-ending tunnel, much like the ceiling. Richie barked in response 'Okay boy sit. so far ive made Soul Mates, College, and Fix-It masterlists! The only number I care about now is yours. Eddie enjoyed his job as a driver, and panics whenever he so much as has to find a new doctor, let alone move across the country. The only other place left to check was their bedroom and Richie was praying to the God he didnt believe in that Eddie was just taking a nap. He was handsome, sure, but Richie had no idea what he was even like. goodbyes too strong, too strong a word byhousereed, Richie moves across the country for college but he kisses Eddie right before he leaves and they dont know how to talk about their feelings. Part 2 of Ultimate Reddie Smut Series; Language: English Words: 1,004 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 24 Kudos: 606 Bookmarks: 27 Hits: 28203 Truth or Dare? Yes this is the story we've all be "baby, i'm sorry. Can I request a fic for Richie comforting Eddie after he has a panic attack? His legs were aching and his chest was hurting and his eyes were stinging, and that was when he shot up in bed. Children either ended up like them, Greta or Georgie. And theyre the only ones who know it. Bills parents had been distant since Georgies death, but theyd probably care if their other son went missing. Its Eddies birthday, and Richie has been sent to deliver his present and help sneak him out of his house to the party the Losers were throwing at Mikes house. xoxo , i'm looking for a fic where one day rich wakes up and like everyone's gone??? It rips him up inside as he makes six new friends, one of which is named Richie who Eddie crushes on. He searches their apartment to find Richie sleeping on the couch in a mound of blankets. Oh, shit, it did say NO VACANCY outside, huh? Ben asks, face twisting up in genuine concern, which is refreshing. The Losers manage to get Eddie out of the sewers before everything came crashing down. Right after rejecting him, Eddie then develops feelings for him *aWw* "Richie, truth or dare?" What the Hell? Can Eddie put his fears aside to be there for Richie or will his demons come back to haunt him? Once his eyes had adjusted, Richie looked around the room he was in. He bitterly wished alcohol had never fucking been invented. Privacy Policy. Richie is not feeling well. You can request types of fics you'd like us to find, or you can send in a lost fic that you can't locate and we'll try to help you out . More seriously, I'm currently writing a Reddie series, "Listen to me". And maybe the lie isnt such a lie after all. He will always be in love with Richie. Richie shot out of the bed as fast as possible and shook his head, not believing what he was seeing. IT | Fanfiction Horror Pennywise Reddie Richard Tozier, a member of the Loser's Club. | 4916 | general). Its about them in high school growing up before ending with something (it didnt have a warning label so I thought Id mention that it does get incredibly sad, at least to me). Richie doesnt usually have nightmares, especially now that Eddies by his side, but Eddies always there to help him through them when he does. i wrote these on my phone lmao, that's why But he also knows that once a Loser, always a Loser, and a Loser never lets another Loser down. Im not afraid of you! Richie tries, - god, he really does, - to fight back this time, but It just laughs at him. Long story short, neither of these chaotic disasters knew what was coming for them when Eddie moved to Derry. Why? "Nah, Eddie, I'm not a baby" or "It's not even cold?" His best friend, Eddie Kaspbrak, helps him through the bullying. *reposting this from like 3 years ago :/ plz ignore shitty spelling mistakes* Richie and Eddie have never once done anything normal in their lives, so why they thought the first time putting their Christmas decorations up with their daughter, Florie, was going to run without a hitch, they have no idea. Richie wanted to kiss Eddie pretty much all the time nowadays, and kissing in a nice cozy bed all night sounded fucking IDEAL. Although Myra was a shitty wife and an exact copy of Eddie's mom (or so Richie's heard), she deserved to know a portion of the truth. 2- Eddie likes girls. Tagged: #reddie #eddie kaspbrak #richie tozier #reddie fics #high school #au #no pennywise #angst #modern setting #slow burn #jealousy #friends to lovers #mutual pining # . He gets's always something that's made him..different from his friends. Only one problem, he has immediate feelings for the host. It was an all too familiar laugh, and Rich knew exactly what it was that was emitting those horrid sounds. He breathed the smoggy air and loved the culture. A Playlist of Richie Tozier Appearances byDonvex. "-He asked, and he was sincerely confused.-"I saw Bev trying to walk out with a fucking bottle of vodka.". do u have any eddie or richie is the new kid in town kinda fics? Where Richie and Eddie had never met and the "Losers Club" was never a thing. It was small and a perfect cylinder shape, and when he looked up, there was no roof - it was just walls that went up and up and never ended. Not while both of them are remotely aware of the others intentions after last nights texts. Richie would lay behind Eddie and pull him to his chest, the inhaler . He quickly rolled out of the way, seeing that Pennywise had aligned himself perfectly with where was Richie sat against the wall. He's pretty normal. Eddie disappears for a week. Story IS INSPIRED BY THE SONG CRUSH BY TESSA VOILET but its not significant! | 5065 | mature), Richie stayed quiet. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Wait, wait, Eddie says suddenly, and everyone stops in their tracks and turns to look at him. Grief, although taking many forms, usually presents itself in the same general way. Are you crazy?" Ever since Richie met Connor in the arcade, they become close. one that i can spend hours reading and getting super into the characters? "It's like eight, what are you doing here?". Richie, in his panicked state of heavy breathing and clutching his chest, turned to see where the voice came from. Sometimes he would sing, sometimes he would just stroke his hair and press kisses there to soothe him. One day he gets hurt worse than usual and sits in the bathroom all period. Whether his breakdown was caused by stress, anxiety, an asthma attack, or some horrible combination of the three, he still couldnt say. You..have a.boyfriend?. In front of him sat Eddie, a worried expression written across his tired features as he stared at Richie is shock. He jerks an accusatory thumb in Richies direction. It knocked a surprised laugh out of Eddie, which Richie echoed with his own. okay theres this one fic where eddie accidentally sends riche a shirtless photo and then richie tries to prove hes hotter by sending a better shirtless photo and over the course of the fic they start sending more and more pictures that get more and more risqu and they eventually hook up PLEASE it was such a good fic and im losing my mind. It doesnt work and with Eddies help they are able to walk through his issues and find safe solutions. This was something that happened regularly for the boys, even though Pennywise had been killed over 5 year ago. Eds? This is Mixtape by @hauntcore on instagram or @tatelandgon on wattpad. Lol holidays are insane in retail so Ive been working a lot and havent had much free time! sure! When Eddie accepted Bills dare to airdrop a selfie to a random person at their school, he didnt actually think the stranger would accept. Its not anything clearly indicative; nothing concrete (at first). He names himself Richie and moves on from there. Or will it be something else entirely? That woman didnt need to explain that to her; it was common sense. This time, he dreams about the good kind of love. I imagine she smells like lemon cleaning supplies and antacid. Its okay, its just me, Eddie whispered. He gets bullied for having asthma, so they both ge. People had always told him that falling in love was one of the best parts of life, that experiencing that feeling would cause a happiness that could never be recreated. To make matters worse, the Institute was impossible to escape from or get into, which meant there would be no rescue party to come for her. ' reddie oneshots. Completed richietozier fanfic loveislove +21 more # 9 From two different worlds//reddie by ~Finley~ 1.2K 58 22 he names himself richie." It has been six years since Eddie Kaspbrak left Derry, high on freedom laced with the potential for a new life, and never looked back. Hes slightly shocked so his response comes out a little slow. Now he knew it was all complete bullshit. lowercase intend "I have a Dare for you two." Richie is so cold and feverish, and the loving Eddie stays up all night cuddling with him, making herbal tea and giving medicine until he falls asleep. Not to mention, his throat is in a lot of pain. --------------------------- It was pleasantly full, standing a few inches taller than Richie, and its smell brought comforting memories to Eddie's brain. In a world where your soulmates last words to you appear on your skin on your thirteenth birthday, Eddie is quietly panicking over his, which reads, Dont talk, dont talk, youre gonna be fine. Not exactly the last words he was hoping for. also be careful and read trigger warnings just in case (: -madi, Just Breath by dont_touch_my_cheetos(1/1 | 1203 | general). When Eddie wakes up on his sixteenth birthday, he finds Eds tattooed onto his skin, but Richie has already found his soulmate. eddie is a mess, richie makes a mixtape, stan is a real angel here . DA USERNAMES: And, thing is, Richie knows exactly where he is. Richie had always believed them, he had never even once doubted the things hed been told, always waiting for the day that he himself got to feel it. Struggling from nightmares he constantly witnesses from the deadlights, Richie is on the verge of a breakdown. I s-said, I dare you to airdr-dr-drop a selfie to a random p-p-person., Eddie immediately shook his head. Mayhem ensues. Or, Richie and Eddie play Gay Chicken: Sexting Edition. They never got better, yet they never got increasingly worse either. Its all so domestic, he could be sick. Throw in a few meltdowns, a bit of pining, and youll get the tale of Spaghetti Boy and Trashman, forever and always Amen. Richie stares back, seemingly just a shocked as him. |began 2.14.19 {HIGHEST RANK ON RANDOM #20}. Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch by smeegamae(4/4 | 16256 | teen). The kind of love that is so warm it would make the sun jealous, that lights you up inside and makes you shine with it. xoxo, hi!! It was like his panic attack was on pause, and he could no longer breathe or move or speak. One day he gets hurt worse than usual and sits in the bathroom all period. The Losers are a dysfunctional group of misfit teens on the run. plot: Richie; why is that? Eddie ran from the door and hopped on his bed waiting for Richie to come out of the shower which he did a few minutes later. Now that they're 18 and graduating high school, he's struggling with the idea of his first love moving away without knowing how he feels. -----AKA Richie Tozier gets a cold trying to woo Eddie Kaspbrak, Cus he can't help chasing something he wants; He learns its not so bad to let someone take care of you. The parent reddie fic with teenage drama. Completely unable to move. Come on, he fucking wears sweaters. 3 years after the tragic events of pennywise and the six losers, a new kid moves to derry with his parents. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I was wondering if you could do a Reddie soulmate AU! There are two things Richie Tozier reckons he knows for sure: 1- Hes gay and in love with his best friend.2- Eddie likes girls. Stenbrough Eddie; what! the sea around us by eddiefuckinkaspbrak, Enj0ltaiRe(26/26 | 52741 | explicit). But the more Richie stared at these hospital-white walls, the more dark red blood dripped down them, and the louder the chuckling got, and suddenly, it was in front of him.
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