Warden's jewel as one might expect if the inclusion of the immoveable Masonic jewels in our Templar jewels should follow in progression as begun with the Generalissimo's jewel. Ribbon addition: long, $35.00. Knights Templar Knights of Malta. Notice that the crossed swords are pointing downward symbolizing rest or peace. (1 Thess. PRICE: $32.99 (Gold Plate), DESIGN B: Rayed cap cross In the Lodge we are taught that the level is a symbol of equality. In Christianity, the rooster is noted for crowing three times when Peter denied Christ. property of University Apparel and neither TheMAAC nor $49.50, Regular price Because the eagle seems to easily ascend the skies, looking into the sun with unblinking focus, we could ascribe to it a symbol of the Christian's unblinking faith in Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Light. holders. In Revelation, John saw four animals in the midst of and about the throne, "The fourth beast was like a flying eagle." unless specified as such. Set of 15 jewels, each 2 1/4" high. The jewel of this office is a Masonic plumb surmounted by the banner of the Order. Blankets | It is symbolic of liberty and strength. Collars | Gloves & Scarves D9927 Sword Knights Templar Freemason Masonic Past Commander Ceremonial Sword 29" Blade $158.00. Car Past Eminent Commander Jewel. Join our email list and get great deals and save money. Thus, this jewel also reminds us to conduct ourselves with those high standards of morality and character which were taught by the Lamb of God while He walked among men and with that unconditional love that He exemplified in His sacrifice on Calvary. In medieval French it meant a lofty state, for which translators have offered such terms as 'noble,' 'glorious,' and even 'magnificent.' Knights Templar Masonic Commandery Ribbon Triennial Conclave 1892 DENVER COLO $4.99 1 bid $5.00 shipping 6d 10h Masonic Lodge Ceremonial accessories Square and Compass Silver 4.5" For Bible $39.99 Free shipping 315 sold Masonic Items Lot - Tie Clips, Cufflinks, Others $20.00 $4.00 shipping $170.00, Regular price Sold individually or as a complete set of 15. available in solid colors (medium blue, royal, red, green, black, If ordering individually, please note emblem choice(s) in the comments field during checkout. Past High Priest Jewel Gold Plate with Red Ribbon. Freemason jewelry watches, pendants and more, Prince Hall Masonic Aprons & Masonic State Aprons, Masonic name badges, plaques, & masonic coins, Masonic Banners, OES Flags, Masonic Altar items, Knights Templar Knights of Malta Officer Jewels - Maltese Cross, Knights Templar Knights of Malta Officer Jewels - Spread Eagle, Royal Arch Mason Officer Jewels Set of 12. . PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Emblematic bar pins are furnished to match jewels. As a Masonic symbol, its exoteric or open meaning is the twin sciences, moral science and physical science, a way of representing Masonic knowledge. Quantity: RKT1-15 KT OFFICER JEWELS. The battle-axe is a symbol of authority and of the execution of military duty. 1233 $163.00. DESIGN D: KT-693 DRBL148SXW Trowel (Silver) w/White Ribbon $15.00. if (document.layers) { Select choice of one (1) jewel or dozen (12) jewels. POLICIES Equipped with magnetic back to ensure jewel is secure. PRICE: $29.99 each (Gold Plate), Past Grand Commander sleeve cross NJ Lapel Pins (set of 2) var message="Function Disabled. return false; function click(e) { In the Old Testament of the Bible, the eagle is the messenger of God and a link between Heaven and earth. Then I will extend the symbolism as applicable. PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. RKT21 2023 Dean Masonic Supply. He is often shown as a handsome warrior angel carrying a flaming sword representing the power of God. ] South, Amaranth, HOJ, Heroines of Jericho, Past Most Ancient polo shirts, twill shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, bags, flight In Buddhism, Manjushri, the bodhisattva (a deity or being who has attained enlightenment worthy of nirvana but who remains in the human world to help others) of wisdom, holds aloft in his right hand the flaming sword of awareness that "cuts through the net of misunderstanding." As the undaunted courage and valor of the cock stimulate him to conquer his enemy and fight to the last extremity, so should you be stimulated in the discharge of every duty. Designed by SSG (Streamline Solutions Group), Order of Eastern Star & Heroines of Templar Crusad, Designed by SSG (Streamline Solutions Group). DESIGN B: KT-25 It's a shape of balance. (Rev. Knights Templar Commandery - Malta Jewel with Top Bar. Apparel]. PRICE: $24.99 each (Silv-X) Please allow 3-4 weeks manufacturing time. While it essentially involved the principle of divine righteousness which could no longer permit a sinful human race to partake of the tree of life in the old way, it also clearly pointed forward to the coming redemption and the provision through Christ which was to open the way of life eternal even to sinful men through the blood of Jesus and the renewing grace of the Holy Spirit. You're at the right place! | Jewels | PRICE: Based on Design. Powered by Shopify, D8144JRC-1 Jewel Knights Templar Red Cross, DRBL148SXW Trowel (Silver) w/White Ribbon, DRBL148SXP Trowel (Silver) w/Purple Ribbon, DRBL148SXPW Trowel (Silver) w/Purple Ribbon & Wreath, D2137 Jewel Red Cross of Constantine Viceroy, D2670 Collar Cord K.Y.C.H, 30" (Cord Only), D15333 Jewel Anointed High Priest w/Past President Bar/Ribbon, DRBL148SXWW Trowel (Silver) w/White Ribbon & Wreath, RKT21 Knights Templar Malta Jewel (SPECIAL ORDER), D8245 Jewel Knights Templar Past Commander Top Bar, DRSM12 Jewel Council Grand Illustrious Master, D8079 Jewel Knights Templar Excellent Attendance Award, D8246 Jewel Knights Templar Past Commander Topbar, RKT16 Knights Templar Past Commander Jewel, Knights Templar Commandery Officers Jewels, Royal & Select Masters Council Officers Jewels. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. additional 70 per character. God's care over his people is likened to that of the eagle in training its young to fly (Ex. The square is the here and now of this life. $45.00. Photos are shown as examples of the The Treasurer's jewel is the crossed keys. Jewel Bar - "ONE YEAR" $ 12.00 Add to cart; Knight Crusader of The Cross Lapel Pin & Jewel $ 19.95 Add to cart; Knights Templar Award Badge $ 25.00 Add to cart; Knights Templar Excellent Attendance Jewel $ 49.95 Add to cart . This is a special ordered item and can take 6-8 weeks to come in. & Select | Knights It is of Masonic interest that formerly and indeed up to a comparatively recent period, the Tiler's sword was wavy in shape and so made an allusion to the "flaming sword which was placed at the east of the Garden of Eden which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life." [ Zippered Windbreakers Officer Jewels and Working Tools etc Discontinued; Royal Arch, York Rite Jewels; Jewels Etc Vintage and Discontinued ; Knight Templar items; . Jurisdiction, Southern Jurisdiction, Shriners, Nobles, AAONMS, In another sense, crossed quills are recognized as one of man's oldest and most important tools used to record knowledge and learning. $265.00. Badge measures 2 1/2"x3 3/4". RSG-18 Shrine Past Potentate Jewel $125.50. Add To Cart. Commandery Jewels. PRICE: $114.99. If you don't find what you want you're looking for on our site please call 704.983.8723. PRICE: $24.99 each (Silv-X) Each jewel complete Top Bar and Black & White Ribbon - All jewels are silver finish with exception of RKT-2 Commander which is Gold plate. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more . In the Roman Catholic Church, the crossed keys are a symbol associated with St. Peter, because Christ said to St. Peter that he would give him the "keys of the kingdom." alert(message); Bars available at 70 . NOW | Thus, as is the case with most Masonic symbols, their interpretation may take many forms-thus, no one interpretation or set of interpretations can be considered as "correct" or definitive. Maltese Cross in white and red enamel. Copyright var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()) The Masonic Exchange. The massive wings of the eagle stood out on each side of the sun disk which represented Horus, the supreme god in Egyptian mythology. Standard black ribbon attached. It is of interest that if we join the triangles with lines as in the figure at left, we produce a six-sided geometric shape known as a hexagon. Set of 15 jewels, each 2 1/4" high. Our Knights Templar Officer Jewels are manufactured in the U.S.A. The square has often been interpreted as a symbol of the earth and of earthly things. The jewel is a passion cross surmounted by rays of light. NJ regulation $129.95. Warden, is also rich with symbolic interpretation. This symbolic action sacrifices physical bondage to release a path to ethereal or enlightened freedom. Double edged swords give us symbolism of duality of nature and the dual powers of manifestation. Badge measures 3"x4 1/2". Thus, the Junior Warden's jewel might also be taken to symbolize to Knights Templar that we, like the eagle, must daily renew and strengthen our faith in Christ, relying on God's watchful care, in order that one day we may worthily enter the gates of the New Jerusalem and partaking of the Tree of Life, live forever with our Lord in His heavenly mansions. } Officer Jewels are SILV-x finish except the Commander which is in Gold Plate. Quantity: RKT16E - Economy Past Eminent Commander Jewel. Paddles ], [ Jackets: PRICE: $1,550.00 (10KT). They are permanently non-tarnishing, superior to silver plating. <= KT Top Bar & Ribbon Jesus, the Lamb of God, was crucified during the time of Passover and so became our symbolic paschal lamb. rings, engraved pens, jewelry boxes, charms, cuff links, tie The jewel is a hollow square with a mailed arm and hand grasping the sword of justice. In some circumstances it can also refer to the four functions of consciousness - thought, feeling, intuition and sensation. D19511 Jewel (AMD) Allied Masonic Degree Member w/Green Ribbon, Sold Out Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, Copyright 2023, New London Regalia. | Knights Templar Officer Jewels- Individual Jewels. Knights Templar Grand Prior Mantle . [ About Us | ORDER To order : 1. RKT16 PAST COMMANDER JEWEL. P.O. 1308 (1) $65.00. 103:5 and Isa. The Sword Bearer's jewel is depicted at right. As stones are cut to fit into a building, so our acts and thoughts are built together into a structure of character badly or firmly and must be tested by a moral standard of which the simple square is a symbol. In ancient European arms this heraldic symbol is often thought to symbolize the arm of God. View Details. [ | Royal Arch | Royal collars, books, fezzes, pins, keychains, medallions, jewelry, (Note that the ribbon of the Commandery officers' jewels contains the Beauceant colors). if (event.button==2||event.button==3) { D1809 Junior Warden Jewel from $24.00. (Genesis 3:24) The flaming sword was nothing else than the special symbol of God's immediate presence with the Holy Spirit. Varsity | PRICE: $39.99, KT Lapel Pins (set of 2) D1803 Junior Deacon Jewel from $26.00. At right is the jewel of the Captain General. View Details. Jewel of the Junior Warden. DESIGN KT-S: Silver $32.00. SWORDS. Designs for the well-styled Sir Knight. P.O. [ Past Master ] On behalf of Grapevine Masonic Lodge #288, I thank you and your staff. Disable right mouse click Script (By Crash @ http://walk.to/crash) This was true for the Buddhists and also for the last worshippers of Mithras; the Chinese prostrated nine times in front of their emperor; the nine openings of the man for Islam; the nine stages that should traverse the souls of Aztecs to reach the eternal rest. RSG-19 Shrine Past Potentate Jewel $87.50. PRICE: $39.99. left breast pocket welt to provide a space for fastening a Commandery jewel of office and/or other permitted Commandery jewels. We read in Revelation, "And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength." Hall Affiliated | Submitted to and permission granted to Dynamicdrive.com to feature script in it's archive Commandress, Daughters of Sphinx, Rose of the Seven Seals, RSS, $63.00. Knights Templar Knights of Malta. Silver Finish or Gold Plate RKT28 website are not marketed nor offered for sale as ready-made or in-stock retail items for any also provide items for International Association of Turtles, Inc. D2156 Jewel KYCH w/Cord $34.00. 5 New York, NY 10018; 516-933-6054 Jewel of Office, Meritorious Jewels, Badge of Commanderies, Malta and Red Cross Jewel may be worn on the left breast, placed in the order named, from wearer's right to left and on a Line with the Third button of the coat. Size 3 x 2 inch. The other acknowledged Jesus as the Christ and called upon Him to save him. TheMAAC (TM) is a trade name D8102 Masonic York Rite Sword w/Sheath (St Thomas of Acon) Sold Out. KT Top Bar and Ribbon RSG15 Director Officer Jewel $105.50. One of the earliest and simplest instruments used in construction, the plumb and its line was an essential tool of the stone mason. suits, and BDUs and provide regalia, aprons, crowns, jewels, The Knights Templar is a Christian-oriented fraternal organization based on the ancient organization that was founded in the 11th century. Free Shipping For All Orders - (303) 681-9333 Order Over the Phone Before proceeding, however; it is important to remember that the symbolic interpretations of any object are dependent upon the person or cultural group doing the interpretation. login shop. The late author John J. Robinson claimed in his book Born in Blood that "The word beau is now generally conceived to mean beautiful, but it means much more than that. Are You a Turtle? At the right is the Prelate's jewel. 2. ORDER NOW | D17112 Jewel Past Illustrious Master Gold Plated, D16525 Jewel Knight Mason Past Chief Burgundy Ribbon and Gold Plated, DRBL148SXPW Silver Trowel w/Purple Ribbon & Wreath, D2137 Red Cross of Constantine Viceroy Gold Plated with Purple Ribbon, Knights Templar - Cap Cross with Rays. The three crosses in Christian symbolism represent the work of the atonement at Calvary where Christ was crucified with two thieves (typical of the human race), one on His right and one on His left. Its obvious symbolic meaning is that of the Recorder's responsibilities for letter and document (records) writing and preservation. To this idea, allusion is made in Ps. The Standard Bearer's jewel. It was used by the Romans and Chinese in ancient times and more recently in the Napoleonic Wars. (DOI/DOS) ], [ TheMAAC.com HOME | Directory | Guest Later, the rooster would signify the repentance of the saint and religious vigilance as well as resurrection. To continue, "and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." 32:11, 12). Metal Cap Crosses PRICE: $650.00 (Vermeil) Price: $69.00. Are you searching for Knights Templar Grand Commandery Officer Jewels? In old Masonic texts the crossed keys are mentioned in their esoteric sense as a symbol of Anubis, the Egyptian god represented with the head of a jackal, who leads the dead to judgment and also of Osiris, the god of the underworld and the dead. It symbolizes salvation and our community of Christian Masonic Knights bound together by the indissoluble bonds of faith, hope, and charity and striving to cultivate the nine fruits of the Spirit mentioned by Paul. DESIGN C: KT-692 All civilizations hold black and white as symbolic connections between light and dark, good and evil, life and death, sky and earth, fire and water, male and female, etc. Further, St. Michael is the first among the archangels and prince of the heavenly host. Today, the Knights Templar display their courage and goodwill in different ways than the ancient Templars. Aprons | His fate was sealed. Knight Templar Perceptors Robe Canada. Standard Royal Arch Past Grand High Priest. Standard Bearer, Guard, Sentinel, Warder, Senior Warden, Past Commander Jewels Available in several colors. Favorite. He saw Paradise that very day. Expressions (TM) | back to Working Tools & Rod Tops Knights Templar Commandery Car Plate Two Tone Finish. Cases | Out of stock Quantity: 1. DESIGN A: KT-26 } It is to remind you that as the Children of Israel marched in a hollow square in their journey through the wilderness in order to guard and protect the Ark of the Covenant, so should you be vigilant in guarding every avenue from innovation and error. We make custom satin jackets, varsity KT COLLARS, JEWELS , GLOVES, AND SLEEVE EMBLEMS. By extension, the eagle symbolizes baptized Christians who have symbolically died and risen with Christ. Knights Templar Knights of Malta Officer Jewel - Red Cross . It is said that the eagle sheds his feathers in the beginning of spring and with fresh plumage, assumes the appearance of youth. $70.00, Regular price Powered by Shopify, Knights Templar Commandery Officers Jewels, RKT15 Knights Templar Senior Warden Jewel, RKT6 Knights Templar Standard Bearer Jewel, RKT1 Knights Templar Captain General Jewel, Royal & Select Masters Council Officers Jewels. The Sword Bearer's jewel is thus a striking reminder of our constant warfare with the "lying deceits and vanities of the world," and that a firm reliance upon God will insure us the ultimate victory. Additionally, we are taught that the square is a symbol of morality. The jewel of this office is a triple triangle with a red passion cross in the center of each triangle. The cross borne by the lamb represents the manner of his death and the flag His banner under which we as Templars have become His Knights. Notify me when this product is available: Knights Templar Commandery Officers Jewels. We Royal Arch Past High Priest. Its fiery flames which emanate to all directions represent the blazing of the wisdom-awareness fire of full enlightenment. Knight Templar Hat Passion Cross. alert(message); Your efforts to please customers is a true and very much appreciated attribute. This jewel, like that of the Jr. General, Commanders of the Rite, AASR, Scottish Rite, Northern made-to-order. The rays of light are symbols that suggest to you the humility, love, and pure benevolence that emanate like rays from the religion of the Blessed Emmanuel. } The Iranian Empires (Persia) were among the first who used the eagle as a standard. D1806 Senior Warden Jewel 3" from $30.00. Plain sleeve cross [The Masonic Apparel & Accessories Connection/University All jewels are Silv-x finish, except Commander, which is gold plate, Captain General, Commander, Generalissimo, Recorder, Treasurer, Prelate, Junior Warden, Sword Bearer, the Roman Consul Gaius Marius decreed that the eagle would be the symbol of the senate and people of Rome. Ribbon w/ pin back: short, $20.00 Finally, a key is a symbol of power. (Rev.1:16) Is the flaming sword that guards the Garden of Eden the same as the sword that issues from the mouth of Jesus? Gold Plated with wreath. The term "paschal" originally related to the Passover, or Seder, of the Jews, and the paschal lamb was a lamb slaughtered and eaten on the eve of the first day of Passover. RKT6 Knights Templar Standard Bearer Jewel $53.00. How does this line work? TheMAAC.com (TM) is the sole Gold Plate - Enameled. $27.00, Regular price It has always struck me as unusual that the plumb should appear here, rather than in the Sr. We notice that the three triangles have a total of nine sides. The items shown on this return false; Standard sizes are approximately 3-inches. Perfect Matron, Order of Cyrenes, Cyrene Crusaders, Heroines of the The Treasurer's jewel thus reminds us that we are the guardians and conservators of Templary and of our responsibility to guard well the doors of our Asylums against the unworthy and the impious. For instance, the four sides have been taken as symbols of (1) the four directions: north, south, east, and west; (2) the four seasons: spring, summer, winter, and autumn; (3) the four prime elements: earth, air, fire, and water; and (4) the four principal stages of human life: birth, child, adult, and death. Button/Snap Windbreakers This symbol is sometimes referred to by the Latin name Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) or in heraldry, Holy Lamb. [ Symbols & Patches ], [ Gift This new website will have more information to come. 4:7) In this way was expressed the Divine intelligence and guard and providence. All these jewels are silver and comes with drapes and top bar to attach to your uniform. Further, each triangle has three sides, symbolic of the omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence of the Holy Trinity. Knights Templar - Cap Cross, Enameled. available in Silv-X or gold plate. D1812 Marshall Jewel from $24.00. 1300 $56.00. Fratline produces the finest Grand Commandery Jewels available and most are in stock for immediate shipment. Past Grand Commander w/ top bar Matron, LOCOP, Ladies of the Circle of Perfection, Past Royal Regular price for whole set of 15 jewels with ribbon and top bars is $806.50, special pricing for purchasing the complete set of 15 at once is $766.00. } Knight Templar Browse by All Aprons & Clothing Belts and Belt Accessories Chapeaus Fatigue Hats Jewels Misc Officer's Jewels Shopify Flagged Shoulder Straps Sleeve and Collar Crosses Ties and Gloves Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new
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