Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. -M-NUva. Each have embraced the idea of human enhancement, from an artist who hears colour to a man who can start a motorbike with a chip implanted in his hand. Depending on episode Since April 28, 2005. His last name is revealed to be O'Brian in the Danger Force episode "Radioactive Cat". Ciara, -Welcome to the Hero/Protagonist wiki! She became his "girlfriend" after Henry made her jealous with Tiffany in My Phony Valentine. Her style consists of mixing designs and patterns and she often pairs tops with mini skirts or jeans. Become a SuperheroHelp Ray and Henry Fight Crime (Both Succeed) There is a funeral held for Kid Danger. Joey (Jerry Trainor) appears in "Thumb War". Jack SwaggerHenry Hart (possibly) The so-called Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (a series of anti-British resolutions) was signed there . She had sacrificed herself to save Wilbur. He sometimes refers to his sister as someone who looks like a horse. Help Kid Danger and Captain Man fight crime. Charlotte Page Piper Hart, Guest characters from Spinoffs Wrathful Anti-Heroine Chloe (Jade Pettyjohn) appears in "Henry the Man-Beast". The myth to dispel is that with an augmentation, people will easily become superhuman. The kids and Schwoz break free, and they fight the cavemen as Captain Man fights Drex. Id forgotten to take out my hearing aids. He tells Charlotte in the Man Cave to leave and save herself as the walls of the Man Cave start crashing down next to them. On. Ryker (Geno Segers) appears in "Knight & Danger". In, "The Fate of Danger: Part 2", Charlotte leaves Swellview with Henry and Jasper to fight crime in the next town over, Dystopia, showing that she has become a cyborg. The publicity eventually dies down, and Charlotte requests the barn animals to devise a new word to spin within her cobweb. Other names He is banned from the zoo becasue it involves an incident with an elephant. Here, Fern Arable wakes up in the middle of the night (as opposed to daybreak) and sees a light in their barn. Charlotte Becomes Kid Danger! Hobby Henry Hart | Additionally, he states that his mom says "I love you" one second, but yells at him the next second. Now he is a crime-fighting superhero. Schwoz Schwartz | Piper Heart Thanks! Rick Twittler (David Blue) is the creator of Twitflash and evil genius who seeks to shut down the Internet. She is a very clever girl who's best friends withJasper DunlopandHenry Hart, and is also Henrys and Jaspers co-worker atJunk-N-Stuff/the Man Cave, underRay/Captain Man'smanagement. Even though not technically hers anymore, she still lavishes the same affection for her pet, saying Goodbye to Wilbur as she goes to school and Good night before she goes to bed. Putting blades on someone doesn't automatically make them a superstar runner, he says. Schwoz Schwartz | Toddler leads the villains in a plot to get revenge on Captain Man. Technology can bring us back to nature., Read: How I became a cyborg (Image credit: SPL). During the conflict, Drex gets exposed to the same process, gaining the power of invulnerability and a reptilian left hand. This doesn't mean that there isn't room for improvement, it just means that it's not as easy as just popping a pill or flicking a switch., Licina gives the example of his own research: subjects found they could improve their night vision by tweaking their nutritional input, but only at the cost of losing some of their blue/green perception. Theres no reason to think future human technologies wont play out in the same way. He received this power after he breathed the fumes of a foreign lizard and a black shag spider. He needed a sidekick, so he chose Henry. MinyakNurse CohortDrexMitch BilskyBysh Bilsky (formerly)Popsorn Monster Henry Hart (sometimes)Jasper Dunlop (sometimes)Ray Manchester (sometimes)Piper Hart (sometimes)Schwoz Schwartz (sometimes) Wilbur wakes up and looks for the source of the voice. He mentions to Kid Danger and Captain Man that he has a sister who speaks with a lisp. Jace Norman as Henry Hart (Kid Danger) Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man) Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper Dunlop Riele Downs as Charlotte Page Ella Anderson as . She typically acts as the voice of reason, as she is always there to snap everyone back to reality. Max Thunderman | Oliver Pook[8] (Matthew Zhang) is a strange and quirky boy. Mika (Dana Heath) is the twin sister of Miles, who debuted in the Henry Danger episode "Escape Room", where she tries to get out with Ray, Henry and Miles from an escape room, later returning in the series finale "The Fate of Danger", where she develops the ability of sonic scream (although not revealed until the pilot episode of Danger Force). Kwai: Kwai791547644 Compre NA AMAZON ou ASSIN Por 30 dias GRTIS: Ficha tcnica - Produo:@p_centronerd Kid Danger grabs the blimp, and he begins to glow right before the blimp crashes. She is often grumpy, and with a violent attitude. In "Back to the Danger," Drex is accidentally freed when Vice-Mayor Willard had the power to Swellview shut off for a brief time. So does transhumanism offer a stark choice of evolve or perish? He points out that augmentation isn't a magic bullet that will instantly give you incredible abilities - or even abilities as good as the next human. She sometimes accessorizes with denim jackets and can usually be seen wearing boots or heels. Triple G | TV Series Wilbur also tries asking a rat named Templeton to play with him, but Templeton's only interests are spying, hiding, and eating. Piper Hart, Guest characters from Spinoffs Henry Danger stars Jace Norman, Cooper Barnes, Riele Downs, Sean Ryan Fox, Ella Anderson, and Michael D. Cohen and Danger Force stars Cooper Barnes and Michael D. Cohen, Havan Flores, Terrence Little Gardenhigh, Dana Heath, and Luca Luhan. 2, Toddler attends Kid Danger's memorial where he is chained together with Dr. Minyak and Jack Frittleman. Neil Harbisson, who wears an antenna that allows him to hear colour, debunks the idea that it is anything unnatural. Schwoz Schwartz | They are led up to the smoke house where they are served to the family for the holidays. Origin Following the final ofHenry Danger,While Piper goes to college and Ray and Schwoz train The Danger Force. Since then, Schwoz has come up with various inventions to help Captain Man and Kid Danger, though at times he can be weird and funny, which makes Henry and Ray furious. She saved his life and died at the county fair. Additionally, he has a podcast about buckets. Henry Hart | Even though its raining, she rushes in as she knows its time for the mother pig to give birth. Without my hearing aids, I hear worse than I did before I got them. In my case, becoming technology doesnt make me feel closer to machines, or to robots, but quite the opposite. They land on top and begin to fight Drex. Later, the goose gives birth to seven goslings, one of which, named Jeffrey, befriends Wilbur. Heroes and Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. PipesPaperPopperJudy GlickmanLand LoserFrizzy McGuireLooney Gaga In, The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Jasper leaves Swellview with Henry and Charlotte to fight crime in the next town over, Dystopia. Jasper Dunlop | In "The Fate of Danger" Pt. He is a bucket collector which always embarrasses Henry and Charlotte. Arc | Ray Manchester / Captain Man[2] (Cooper Barnes) is a superhero who trains Henry. For this last column in my Beyond Human series, I spoke to a variety of very different people who I encountered this year. In "The Fate of Danger" Pt. She is level-headed and down-to-earth. He owns the Man Copter and Man Van. She is the "sass master" of the bunch, always there to snap everyone back to reality., This page was last edited on 21 April 2023, at 21:07. That has always been the trend, and that will continue to be the trend. MinyakDrexDrex's Cavemen ArmyHenry Hart (sometimes)Charlotte Page (sometimes). Babe Carano | The character crosses over from The Thundermans. Riele Downs Her father persuades Fern to sell Wilbur (the pig) to her Uncle Homer Zuckerman, who lives just across the street. Ciara, Princess Peach (The Super Mario Bros. Movie), Donkey Kong (The Super Mario Bros. Movie), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. His last name is revealed to be Macklin in the Danger Force episode "Mika in the Middle". || Henry Danger 2,175 views Dec 8, 2021 #HenryDanger Todos os poderes da Charlotte Page (Cyborgue de #Dystopia ), a. When humans begin to augment themselves to extremes, some people say, we might lose control of ourselves. Henry had to balance being a superhero, saving the town and keeping it secret from his friends and family, all while attending school and dealing with homework, girls and everything else that comes with Captain Man and Kid Danger arrive at Planes-a-Plenty to stop Drex. For the next message, Charlotte then employs Templeton to pull a word from a magazine clipping for inspiration, in which Templeton returns the word, RADIANT, ripped from a soap box to spin within her cobweb. Upon being informed of this, Captain Man caged up Coach Bix and returned Shawn his labradoodle. Charlotte is home to the Panthers professional football team and the Hornets professional mens basketball team. Schwoz Schwartz | Jasper gets a drone into the sky. She was once training to run a 10K marathon. Ray and Schwoz's friendship was strained when Schwoz stole Ray's girlfriend. Like Chloe, she later become a reality star in the show "Kids in the Woods". Hudson Gimble | Enemies -Welcome to the Hero/Protagonist wiki! This is the first time Captain Man is seen without his mask. This will help declutter some of the comments on pages. The episode "Chapa's Phone Home" reveals that Celia is the reason why Bose was responsible for not getting Chapa's phone back to her 8 years ago because Celia didn't want to be late for her date with Vice Mayor Willard. Taylor Hathaway | The character crosses over from The Thundermans. Pop. However, the pig is getting bigger. Once he returns to Zuckerman's farm, Wilbur guards Charlotte's egg sac until the winter. Relatives In, The Fate of Danger: Part 2, Ray and Schwoz open the Swellview Academy for the Gifted or SW.A.G. Charlotte's Web Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. But there were no onanistic comas on my watch. Spring comes again and the spiders hatch. Sassy, highly intelligent, caring, selfless, sisterly, independent, and fiesty, Student of Swellview High School (formerly). One concern that was expressed with pleasure implants was the use of the device to point of distraction or neglect of self, like the proverbial rats that starved to death because they had a choice of pushing a lever for food or getting an electrical stimulation of their pleasure centres in the brain. After being transported to Swellview from his dimension, he and Ciara helps Captain Man and Kid Danger stop Ryker. Thunder. 2, Piper goes to attend a college in Florida. Girl. Pleased at finding new friends, Wilbur names the spiderlings Joy, Aranea, and Nellie. Goals She was the most loved spider and best friends with Wilbur until her untimely death. How Charlotte a cyborg all the sudden I don't understand and also I thought Henry was done with his superheroing why did he go to Distopioa just to make a new crime fighting force with Jasper and Charlotte. Jack Frittleman (Alec Mapa) is the owner of the company Frittles. Charlotte has a date with Jack Swagger, and plans to make him a meal. They set to thinking. Ciara, Thunderman Family Sidney (Joe Kaprielian) is a boy who shares similar personality traits with his best friend Oliver. Ray Manchester | In the final episodes, she learns that Henry is Kid Danger during Drex's latest plot as well as her knowledge that Ray likes her. In the episode Grave Danger, due to an accidental technicality at the DMV, Piper has her own driver's license despite being underage. Meanwhile, Charlotte tries to get into the Language, Information, and Math Program. Charlotte initially refused to accompany Wilbur, as she is expecting but changes her mind in the end. Background information Enemies Henry says goodbye to Ray and promises to come back on Thanksgiving. I feel a stronger connection with nature now than I ever did before. Since her death in the first film, Charlotte only appears in flashbacks. Ray Manchester | Ray Manchester | She becomes one of the main characters in the spinoff Danger Force as a superheroine named Volt. Goomer mentions to Kid Danger and Captain Man that he used to be associated with Frankini's sister a long time ago. He attempts to get the goose to play with him, but she declines on the condition that she has to hatch her goslings. Charlotte in the 1973 animated film Full name Please expl 9 3 comments Best Add a Comment BellR 3 yr. ago Does jasper have superpowers? Mary Gaperman / Mary (Carrie E. Barrett / Carrie Barrett) is the co-anchor of Trent at KLVY. He is Phoebe's twin brother. In A Tale of Two Pipers it is revealed that Piper will become a leader of a resistance group (against cyborg children) in the future and that both Henry and Ray trained her. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree. In "The Whole Bilsky Family", it is revealed that Jeff is his older brother. Triangle. Charlotte's Web Billy Thunderman | Kid Danger and Captain Man go after Drex by paragliding toward his blimp. He is an average kid with friends and has an after school job as Captain Man's superhero sidekick. The underlying prerequisites of talent and fitness are still necessary. Source Charlotte reluctantly decides to accompany Wilbur, though Templeton at first has no interest in going until the goose tells him about all the food there. She becomes one of the main characters in the spinoff Danger Force as a superheroine named ShoutOut. Cyborg Crime Finder Arm: Charlotte posses a Crime Finder Arm application which tells her when crime is near. Jasper Dunlop[4] (Sean Ryan Fox) is one of Henry's best friends. Thanks to his skills, super cool gadgets and his superpower, Kid Danger has no problem helping Captain Man on his missions. Miss Sharona Shapen[9] (Jill Benjamin) is Henry's history teacher at Swellview Junior High. Babe Carano | During the American Revolution the town was occupied (1780) by Lord Cornwallis, who received such hostile treatment he dubbed it the hornets nest of rebellion (now the citys official emblem). Also, do Henry's parents know he's alive? In the Danger Force Season 2 episode Unmasked, she found out the true identities of the Danger Force. She typically acts as the voice of reason, as she is always there to snap everyone back to reality. Basking in the glory of this latest miracle, farmer Homer decides to enter Wilbur in the upcoming county fair.