If a counselor wants a person other than a biological parent (such as a step-parent or grandparent) to have confidential information regarding a child client, a simple solution is to. Clients must be told in writing the implications of any diagnosis that might be assigned to them. a. subject of a verb. When can telephonic contact with a Medicare eligible consumer be made? You have scheduled an appointment and obtained a Scope of Appointment (SOA) form to discuss Medicare Advantage Plans with a consumer. by heatherhall, When a counselor communicates with a client using e-mail. Acting as a witness in litigation concerning other people. Annual Election Period (AEP) is a time when: Consumers can elect to join a Medicare Advantage Plan or switch to a different plan. Do you think the people of Russia would have agreed with this view of the royal family as portrayed in this photograph, especially during World War I? John may sign the Enrollment Application and must be able to provide documentation upon request by the Plan that indicates his authority under state law to enroll his mother. Look up "Czar Nicholas II and his family" picture on the internet and examine the photograph. Some will be strictly educational, others will be formal presentations of specific UnitedHealthcare plans, and others will be informal marketing events where he can generate leads and schedule future in-home marketing appointments. Counselors should take the clinical notes they need in order to function effectively as professionals. Dino proceeded to verify the consumer's Medicare eligibility, describe the costs and benefit coverage of the plan, and explained that he could not accept an enrollment application until October 15. Breaches of client confidentiality by counselors. Occur rarely, and when they do occur usually were inadvertent. Careful and diligent case writing enhances the quality of services provided to clients and, ultimately, can protect practitioners. Over 50% fail in the first year, and 95% fail within the first 5 years. Educational events provide objective information about the Medicare program and/or health improvement and wellness. vocabulary. A fee structure based on amount of family income and family size. Introducing Cram Folders! Becoming a united and societally recognized profession. Most legal issues faced by counselors involve. Which of the following must you not do when marketing UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plans to consumers? Dino presented a plan prior to October 1. In regard to giving credit to contributors to research projects in published reports. Should be careful not to assume that clients have access, expertise, or confidence in using computer applications. Decide which choice fits best in the blank. Anyone interested in applying for UFI membership must have at least one of their exhibitions audited as a UFI Approved Event or UFI Approved International Event in order to become a member. Being too color conscious, thus attributing all problems to a clients cultural background. Generally, would not be held legally responsible for actions taken by the consultee based on the consultants advice. (Select 2), Fraud, Waste and/or Abuse hotline It ensures that when consumers sign the Medicare Advantage and/or Part D Enrollment Application, they are acknowledging their understanding that they are actually enrolling, in which plan they are enrolling, and standard disclosures. What should Bethany do? vocabulary. Please view UFI Approved Event questions for further information. Require a student to participate in a research project. Counselors give clients a clear written explanation of how counselors use, keep, and disclose their health care information. Part of the process for obtaining and maintaining UFI quality certification involves carrying out regular audits of exhibition statistics (every other edition for exhibitions that take place once every two years or more often). As used in this sentence, asylum means. Occur rarely, and when they do occur usually were inadvertent. Choose the correct letter to indicate how the italicized pronoun functions in the following sentence. (B) political refuge Erin should tell Mrs. Rose that the plan has received a "Below Average" rating. (E) insanity. According to the United State Small Business Administration, the percentages of business that fail are. (A) mental institution (B) political . What should Jeff do? Accurately audited to UFI's international standards, they provide exhibitors and visitors with a sound basis for business decisions. Contact the client who filed the complaint to see if you can work things out. Promise the client privacy, but explain there are exceptions and give a general overview of the exceptions. What type of events must an agent report to UnitedHealthcare? The word or phrase that you choose must express roughly the same meaning as the italicized word in the passage. Once contact is made or 9 months from the date the consumer provided permission (e.g., consumer signature date on BRC) or 90 days if on federal do not call list, whichever comes first. c. object of a preposition. Requiring members of the profession to possess specialized knowledge and skills. While using LEAN to complete an enrollment application with a consumer, Agent Jeff learns the consumer does not have an email address. Examples of unintentional racism included all of the following. An agreement regarding the type of acknowledgement students will receive when the research is published. Although certain groups share similar traits or beliefs, each individual is unique and may not be like most others from his or her group. You have created 2 folders. UnitedHealthcare not less than 7 calendar days prior to advertising. Find out how you can intelligently organize your Flashcards. Certain auditors are members of UFI and are therefore already accredited by UFI. In the counseling domain nothing hurts a therapists reputation or fidelity more than losing the trust and confidence Privacy is an important aspect of the client and counselors relationship. Is this photograph an idealized view of royalty? University committees that review research proposals to ensure that human participants are protected are called, The most significant problem within the counseling profession today, according to the authors of the text, appears to be. Misinterpreting a clients culturally learned patterns of communicating or behaving. Confidentiality is primarily an ethical issue, and privileged communication is primarily a legal issue. A clarification of expectations regarding who will do which parts of the work. Counselors could disclose their values to a client, if it is possible to do so in a way that conveys to the client that the counselors values can be accepted or rejected without risking the relationship. Key points with respect to diagnosis include all of the following EXCEPT. For further information on how to become a member of UFI, or on how to have an exhibition accepted as a UFI Approved Event, please click here. Discuss the matter with the counselor and attempt to get him or her to change the behavior. An ethical right to privacy and confidentiality, but no legal right in most states. Accurately audited to UFIs international standards, they provide exhibitors and visitors with a sound basis for business decisions. Regarding the law of privileged communication in relation to family and group counseling. Appropriate credit must be given, but there are no firm rules. If a supervisee is sued for negligence when a client commits suicide and a jury finds the counselor at fault. In the view of the authors of the text (Remley and Herlihy), a counselor who failed to report to the police that a client had been illegally discriminated against in a public restaurant based on his race. Once Gordon Young completes his training program, he will be a certified project manager. Prevention and early intervention are the most appropriate means in dealing with emotional and personal problems. May not accept counselors as providers of mental health services and can limit the number of providers on their list of providers. A time-line to complete the various tasks. When you arrive at the appointment, a friend of the consumer who is Medicare-eligible is present to hear your presentation. Can supervise other counselors in a professional and appropriate manner. Which describes the purpose of educational events? In a situation in which one spouse in a married couple demands that a counselor testify in court as to what occurred in counseling sessions, and the other spouse insists that the counselor not testify, the best course of action is for the counselor. The nature of the privacy concepts of confidentiality and privileged communication is. To sign an enrollment application on behalf of a consumer, what authority must the individual have? Sometimes counselors find Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to navigate between flashcards; Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to flip the card; At their most fundamental level, codes of ethics serve to. Within the counseling profession the primary national voluntary certification agency is, Proper maintenance of test security by counselors includes all of the following EXCEPT. Confidentiality and Informed Consent Letting clients take tests home to complete. b. intolerable Involving a sexual relationship between the client and the counselor. Instruct clients to call a 24-hour mental health hot line number or report to a hospital emergency room. b. object of a verb. Should explain that while the counselor will keep things confidential, there is no guarantee others in the group will do the same. Generally, privilege is waived if there is a third party present during counseling. The public cannot determine which practitioners are competent, and they might be harmed by incompetent members of that profession. Boundaries serve to protect the welfare of clients because, Clients are vulnerable in counseling relationships, The only dual relationships that are prohibited by the ACA Code of Ethics are those. Protect and promote the welfare of the client. The hearing aid representative has general information on hearing loss, business cards and logo coffee mugs (worth $8). When reporting suspected child abuse in good faith, counselors should review their particular state statute to determine all of the following EXCEPT. The administrative supervisor is most likely to be held accountable as well because the administrative supervisor has direct control and authority over the counselors day-to-day activities. Should consult with an attorney because laws and court cases vary as to whether the counselor will have to reveal the information over the wifes objection. A written history of most disclosures of client information be available to clients. What is the purpose of the Statement of Understanding? Consumer Gary gives his friend's telephone number and email address to agent Bethany. To ensure the high quality and accuracy of the audits, only those undertaken by UFI accredited auditing bodies are accepted, using the UFI Standard Audit Certificate. Agent Ralph wants to market Medicare Advantage Plans in his neighborhood - an area that consists of single-family houses, an assisted living facility, a church, and public library. c. inoffensively determined Obtain a professional license if one is required in the state to practice counseling independently. Bethany may accept the information, but must observe permission to contact and unsolicited contact guidelines, which will limit her to using postal mail to contact Bethany's friend. The UFI Approved Event labels are a global stamp of authority for high quality exhibitions. 2023 UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, New benefit: 300 ETT Club Gold Memberships offered to UFI Members, UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Providing objective information about the Medicare program and/or health improvement and wellness at public venues is the purpose of which of the following? Checklist UFI Approved Events and UFI Approved International Events. You must follow the same code of ethics as practicing counselors. The President introduced to Congress a \$ 172.5 $172.5 million proposal to strengthen the U.S. Border Patrol and reduce visa fraud and false asylum claims. Get a signed statement form one of the biological parents allowing the counselor to disclose information to the step-parent or grandparent. The consumer's spouse, who is neither a Power of Attorney or legal guardian. While you are counseling as a graduate student. The President introduced to Congress a $172.5\$ 172.5$172.5 million proposal to strengthen the U.S. Border Patrol and reduce visa fraud and false asylum claims. Getting state laws passed that regulate the practice of the profession. HIPAA rules state that if clients are first informed and given an opportunity to orally object. Which of the following statements is most appropriate regarding clinical case notes? When a counselor uses a computer for the storage of confidential information on clients, the counselor must. Abuse includes any practice that results in the provision of services that are not medically necessary. (C) insurance Counselors who function according to mandatory ethics. A. copious B. dearth C. eloquent D. jargon E. levity F. meander G. peripheral H. substantiate I. unobtrusive J. vacillate Isabel got an unfortunate case of the giggles during the boss's speech. Malpractice is a type of civil lawsuit that can be filed against counseling professionals for practicing in a manner that leads to, When a counselor determines that a client may be at risk for harming self or others, the counselor always must. Why? audio not yet available for this language, {"cdnAssetsUrl":"","site_dot_caption":"Cram.com","premium_user":false,"premium_set":false,"payreferer":"clone_set","payreferer_set_title":"PS313 Ethics Final Exam","payreferer_url":"\/flashcards\/copy\/ps313-ethics-final-exam-8024542","isGuest":true,"ga_id":"UA-272909-1","facebook":{"clientId":"363499237066029","version":"v12.0","language":"en_US"}}. The individual must be legally authorized in the state in which the consumer resides to act on behalf of the consumer (e.g., Power of Attorney). Which election period occurs from October 15 to December 7? Are a good way to inform clients of their rights and responsibilities and are required by some federal rules and state laws. When a counselor must render a DSM diagnosis before a client may be reimbursed for mental health care services, the counselor. (D) inheritance Find out how you can intelligently organize your Flashcards. Not say anything you would not want repeated or would not want to repeat yourself under oath at a later time. Dino, an agent, received a phone call on September 29 from a consumer interested in Medicare Advantage plans for the new plan year. When counseling a client from a racial, ethnic, or cultural group different from the counselors, it is important for the counselor to remember that. Verified answer. There is no consensus among professionals as to which dual relationships are acceptable and which are not. The American Psychological Association of Code of Ethics could be useful to the problem that is identified here. Regarding dual relationships between counselors and clients. What did Dino do that was NOT compliant? The necessity to understand and continual education on ethics is Counselors disclose information only with appropriate consent or with sound legal or ethical justification (ACA, 2014). Because race, ethnicity, gender, and social class are salient cultural variables for all people. Please sign in to share these flashcards. Laws dictate minimum standards of behavior that society will tolerate while ethics represent the ideal standards expected by the profession. Before students agree to serve as research assistants, counselor educators should discuss and provide. The below statement corresponds to a numbered sentence in the passage. The standard used to determine whether a particular counselor is qualified to administer and interpret a particular test. Take the steps necessary to prevent harm. In what product should agents enroll consumers? Which of the individuals below would not likely have the authority to enroll a consumer in a Medicare Advantage Plan? Every year, 303 million visitors and 4.5 million exhibitors attend events across the globe. As an agent, you have an obligation to only enroll a consumer in a product: That is suitable for the consumer's needs, goals and financial resources. Informed consent documents that clients sign before counseling sessions begin that set forth the nature of the counseling relationship. School counselors have a legal obligation to do all of the following EXCEPT. If a formal ethics complaint is filed against you, you should NOT. When a client accuses a counselor of wrong doing through a complaint with the counselors licensure board or through a malpractice law suit filed in court. Individuals simultaneously experience both privilege and oppression. Breaches of client confidentiality by counselors. Offering the counselor more money to not testify. A counselor who is dealing with an angry client who is threatening to sue the counselor should. Agent John is planning to conduct a series of events. If you believe your supervisor at your work setting is forcing you to act in what you consider to be an unethical manner, you should. Each of the following groups might be considered to be vulnerable adults who are protected from abuse in some states by stature EXCEPT, Family counselors often view the family system as their client and treat the family as one entity, as opposed to treating individual family members, and our laws. It contains a blank and is followed by four answer choices. Member organisers can choose to use alternative auditors provided that they perform the audits according to UFIs Auditing Rules. Before you can start the appointment with both consumers, ask the consumer's friend to complete an SOA. They can rely on the UFI Approved Event and UFI Approved International Event labels to choose the best possible exhibition experience, wherever they are in the world. Producer Help Desk (PHD). (A) mental institution Use providers or provider groups to distribute printed information comparing benefits of different health plans without approval. What should you do? UFI requires that all audits for UFI Approved Events and UFI Approved International Events are carried out in accordance with UFIs Auditing Rules for the statistics of UFI Approved Events and UFI Approved International Events. It is questionable ethically for a university professor to. Only the marketing/sales events, both formal and informal. Counselors who use technologies, such as the Internet, in their work with clients. If this is the case, please have the auditor contact the UFI Headquarters who will be happy to provide the relevant support and information (any auditor who is not a member of UFI must be accredited by the UFI Headquarters before conducting the audit). The duly completed audit certificate must be sent to UFI Headquarters, within six months after the end of the event. If a consultant is not a consultees administrative supervisor, the consultant. The client should be advised that e-mail messages can always be retrieved and that e-mail systems are not as secure as other means of communication. }? air of politeness. View family members as having separate and distinct rights and responsibilities that are individual in nature. Believe that their duty is to comply with basic must and must not statements in codes of ethics, and nothing more. All of the following steps are suggested when counselors open private practices. 5 dollar gift cards to an in-network pharmacy. a. uncomfortable c. inoffensively determined b. intolerable d. insincerely earnest. Regarding a clients privacy, counselors should. Confidentiality is primarily an ethical issue, and privileged communication is primarily a legal issue. Calm the person down, if possible, and listen to the concerns. Cram has partnered with the National Tutoring Association, Code Of Ethics: Privacy And Confidentiality, Confidentiality In Mental Health Counseling, Confidentiality And The Abuse Of A Client. Supervisors should return tapes to counselors after the tapes have been reviewed. On what rivers did Chinese civilization develop? Roger is conducting an educational event and has asked a couple of providers to be present at his booth. Depending on the carrier and state, you may be able to compliantly hold a virtual education event for Medicare prospects or enrollees during the 2023 AEP. The UFI Approved Event labels are a global stamp of authority for high quality exhibitions. & Should be ongoing, coupled with periodic evaluation and opportunities to correct deficiencies. Consult with an attorney and follow his or her advice. Dec. 2016. Purchase liability, property damage, or other types of insurance. In which of the following situations can telephonic contact be made with a Medicare eligible consumer? The typical counselor who enters into a sexual relationship with a client is. Obtain a federal tax ID number if there are any employees. Avoiding the issue of cultural differences by claiming to be color blind and treating all people as if they were alike. Add to folder The attorney for the other side will minimize the impact of an expert witnesss testimony by each of the following actions EXCEPT. There is no way to assure counselor competency. Verified answer. John has Power of Attorney to act on behalf of his mother. When counselors in training make audiotapes or videotapes of counseling sessions for supervision purposes. As of now, there are 924 exhibitions approved by UFI, organised by UFI members, in 67 countries and regions. Which of the following methods of contact is permitted? Leave any field requesting a consumer email address blank. Respond directly to the person making the threat, if possible. For their own use, so that they may be effective counselors. Please select the correct language below. Set up a system that requires a password to access the files. According to Major Wingfield, the game should have an almost ?\underline{? Ralph sends a flyer inviting consumers to a marketing/sales event to each resident via postal mail. 2021 United HealthCare - Ethics and Compliance, UHC Chronic Condition and Dual Special Needs, John Lund, Paul S. Vickery, P. Scott Corbett, Todd Pfannestiel, Volker Janssen, The Language of Composition: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric, Lawrence Scanlon, Renee H. Shea, Robin Dissin Aufses, Byron Almen, Dorothy Payne, Stefan Kostka, Learning curve unit 2 multiple choice review. Which of the following are the ways to report potential FWA? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires that. Obtain written parental permission before counseling students in most circumstances. A sliding scale in counseling refers to. Using the answer line provided, complete each item below with the correct word from the box. Must render the proper diagnosis, whether or not the client will be reimbursed. Changing names to reduce identification with the previous less recognized occupational status. The tapes should be labeled simply, in a manner that does not bring attention to the fact that the tapes are confidential records. UFI offers two quality labels for exhibitions, namely: Every year, 303 million visitors and 4.5 million exhibitors attend events across the globe. We'll bring you back here when you are done. Introducing Cram Folders! A product that is suitable for the consumer's needs, goals and financial resources. That a written process exists for clients to request amendments to their records. May be acceptable if the counselor believes the disclosure will benefit the client. Generally, counselors create clinical case notes. business. Facilitating co-dependency relationships with ethnic clients out of a need to be needed. Of the three types of events John plans to conduct, which need to be reported to UnitedHealthcare? When the consumer consented to be contacted for sales activities, subsequent telephonic contact has not yet occurred, and the permission has not yet expired. Write the letter of your choice on the answer line. If you would like further information on all approved events worldwide, please click here. Because clients may have emergencies between counseling sessions, typically the better option is for counselors to. When a husband subpoenas a counselor to reveal information in a court hearing that was provided by the wife in joint couples counseling sessions, and the wife objects to the information being revealed, the counselor. Client confidentiality is assured by the standards of American Psychology Associat Ethics will follow every case, every supervision, and every aspect of the counseling field. Is based on a formula that includes graduate courses taken, number of administrations of that particular test previously, and amount of supervised experience giving that particular test. If you are holding a virtual presentation, you will need to choose an online platform (e.g., Skype, Zoom, Facebook Live), instead of a physical location, for your event. Counselor liability for defamation of character. d. insincerely earnest. With regards to confidentiality, cou All counselors are held to honor an ethical code and standards (counselor and client privilege), which includes confidentiality to a certain extent. What does that mean when it comes to his mother enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan? When local chapters, state branches, regions, and divisions of ACA receive ethical complaints against members, they refer them to, If you believe another counselor is behaving in an unethical manner, the first thing you should do is. The nature of the privacy concepts of confidentiality and privileged communication is. One of the most ethically sensitive components of counselor training that has generated considerable debate is, Flexibility in relationship boundaries between counselor educators and students may be more acceptable than between counselors and clients because in counselor educator/student relationships, the student, When administrative and clinical supervisors give corrective feedback to supervisees, that feedback. Would be acting appropriately, in that counselors have no duty to enforce laws. Legislators agree to license a professional group, such as counselors, only when it can be shown. Legal principles view the contents of the counseling records about a particular client as belonging to. The client automatically waives his or her privacy rights and the counselor can reveal private information related to providing counseling services to the client. Disclosure of confidential information is acceptable when all of the following conditions exist EXCEPT: An attorney sends a counselor a subpoena.